Travel & Learn Spanish

Studying in Spain for foreigners

The first challenge that a student has to face nowadays when starting with his work career is his own capacity to adapt to different and changeable circumstances, due to the culture of the country.

We believe that living abroad is one of the most enriching experiences one may have. Spanish is the second most important language worldwide, therefore, we find living and studying in Spain can be a very beneficial opportunity.

We offer customized Spanish courses with qualified teachers combined with other activities and plans that will introduce you to our Spanish culture.

We aim to help the student with his experience, giving them advice and recommendations to help them with the adaptation of lodging, studies, culture, etc.

Cultural activities to help the student enjoy and get to know better Spain’s enriched culture.

Through our subsidiary Servihousing we will attend every students needs: Their accomodation, any processing document needed, supply chain management, etc.

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