From Prehistoric times to Modern days.

It is clear that the climatic conditions of the north of the Iberian Peninsula were favorable to life in prehistoric times hosting today the oldest remains of human settlements. Cantabria is one of the richest regions of Europe in parietal cave paintings. In its caves you can contemplate the prehistoric art developed over 36,000 years and the way in which the first settlers lived, in the north of the peninsula. The trip will include other sites of interest along the route, such as Bilbao, San Sebastian or Santillana del Mar.

 Day 1 Madrid - Burgos - Bilbao


Departure from Madrid towards Burgos (2,30h)

Arrival in Burgos, guided tour of the Cathedral (jewel of the universal Gothic) and tour of the historic centre.

Guided tour of the Museum of Human Evolution where the main remains of the excavations of the prehistoric site of Atapuerca are kept.

Departure to Bilbao


 Day 2 Bilbao - Santander

Guided tour of the Guggenheim Museum, designed by architect Frank Gery and visit to the Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao that holds a magnificent collection of ancient art and important Basque painters of the early twentieth century, such as Zuloaga, Arteta, ...


Departure to Santanderand overnight at the hotel

 Day 3 Santander - Santillana del Mar

Departure for Santillana del Mar and Altamira Prehistoric cave. Guided tour of the Museum and replica cave of Altamira. Altamira was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as the central element of the Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain. Lunch in Santillana del Mar

Guided tour of the Romanesque Collegiate Church of Santa María


Return to Santander and free evening

 Day 4 Santander - Aguilar de Campoo - Madrid

Guided visit to the peninsula and Magdalena Palace

Departure to Madrid stoppig at Aguilar de Campoo to visit the Romanesque Interpretation Centre in the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria.


Arrival to Madrid


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